Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Toyota Meet 2-Zero, 1-Zero

Tom and I have already begun to talk about a 2010 meet at or near the same place as the 2009. September 11th and 12th are the pick, but may change. Keep checking in for more updates.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Toyota Meet '09

Address for GPS:
1750 State Park Road #2
Oregon, OH 43618
(That should get you in the park)
Now follow signs for Lot 5, right on the beach.

Everyone planning on comming Saturday should try to be there around 12, Noon. We will be cooking out for lunch around 2 or 3, and headding out for dinner.
Sunday we can all meet up for breakfast, go for a cruise, and then hit up lunch. depending how late you are planning on staying, I am going to be out for dinner too.

Bring something for everyone to share, I will be tring to keep track here. I plan on bringing the burgers and maybe some cheese. Can someone else can bring the buns? Dogs and Brats?
Grills will be on-site.

-Camp Sites in the Park
-Maumee Bay Resort (419) 836-1466‎
-Holiday Inn, Oregon, OH (5+ Miles) (877) 863-4780
-Comfort Inn, Oregon, OH (5+ Miles) (419) 691-8911
-Sleep Inn, Northwood, OH (7+ Miles) (419) 697-9700‎

Chairs if you like to sit, Stuff to swim, Beach games (I have a volleyball net I could bring)...

What to do:
Sonic just opened up down the road.
Should have a photographer out to try and get some good pic.
Cruize the area, many country roads.
Cedar Point, Doubtful, but an idea for Sunday?

Local Events;
-Milan Dragway- High School Nationals (Saturday)
-Toledo Zoo
-Toledo Art Museum (Free)
-Cottage Inn Pizza (Saturday Night, till 1am or so)
-The "Loop" (Sunday Night)

Any Question? They can either be sent Email or PM on the boards.
If you need to get ahold of me ASAP, txt 419-699-6313 and include who you are.


AustinAustin.CNW, OhioBurgers+1
NW, OhioHotdogs?
EricspeedricerGrandrapids, MIHotdog/Hambuger Buns
Ketchup & Musturd
ChrisbloodMoneySW, MI??